National Geographic just posted a picture of a teenage girl with a shotgun

National Geographic just posted a picture of a young girl hunting pigeons. Apparently the girl is a member of a skeet shooting team with other teenage girls, who use shotguns in order to kill small animals and birds, like pigeons.   I personally think that hunting is just pure cruelty towards innocent animals who have no... Continue Reading →


Do you believe in fairies?

So, many people believe that fairies don't exist. I personally wished they existed but didn't really believe in them, until a few weeks ago my dad visited a woman with a "gift". She could read auras and see fairies and other supernatural beings and with their help tell you all about your past lives and... Continue Reading →


"The impossibility is what makes this love possible and stronger than any other." Me, myself and I Hi. I miss you. A lot. I know I'm not supposed to. I know we've been enemies since we first met. I know we're fighting on opposite sides, but I can't stop missing you. Your face, your eyes,... Continue Reading →

A trip to Scotland

Follow me around my 4 day trip to Scotland!  Day 1 So, apparently, the first day contained of lots of traveling and more specifically many planes. Since I live in south Europe travelling to Scotland is not an easy task, and it often requires you to change at least two planes in order to get... Continue Reading →

Did I tell you I’m a huge Dramione fan?

Cause apparently, I am.  And please, don't start with all this "but Draco would never have feeling for Hermione" or "they hated eachother" or "he called her a mudblood for ages" because we aaaalllll know that passion can many times be found where there was once only hate.  There are many reasons why Dramione can't... Continue Reading →

I just couldn’t find a name.

Don't judge me.  So here's my first blog ever -or just a pathetic attempt to write down how I feel about certain things that bug me instead of actually owning a diary, but still-! I'm probably supposed to write something like "Welcome!" or "I'm so happy to see you here!" or "This will be a... Continue Reading →

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